The Ghostwriter’s Legacy, the third book and the conclusion of  The Words, with the Creator’s long, long march toward immortality, also tells the story of SAMMY FRY, who adopted his great-grandfather’s last name. Sammy discovers a copy of his great-grandfather’s book, The Words, on a bookcase shelf of his great-grandfather’s office when he was six – far too young, according to his Grannie Annie, who promptly confiscated it. Sammy’s great-grandfather shrugs, retrieves the book from his wife, signs the copy, and inscribes it (‘To my Great-grandson, Sammy, Dream big and believe in yourself. You can be whatever you want to be.’) After reading his great-grandfather’s book many times, Sammy ultimately recognizes that it contains the formula for eternal life. Some years later, he convinces EVE (a young woman who’d have nothing to do with Sammy in grade through high school and accuses him of stalking her when, to her dismay, she discovers they’ve both chosen to attend the same university) to read his great-grandfather’s book and follow him in his pursuit of immortality.

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